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The Billionaire watch encapsulates the “‘reassuringly expensive’ mindset.” / sfbaywalk
The Billionaire watch encapsulates the “‘reassuringly expensive’ mindset.” / sfbaywalk

• Today in Billionaire Branding: the one-of-a-kind “Billionaire watch” that makes a luxury lifestyle “tangible.” Mind you, the B-watch is only about feeling like a billionaire—you don’t have to be reining in the runaway 0s like a husky sled musher to get a taste of the “‘reassuringly expensive’ mindset” it guarantees. Its price is actually in the (relatively frugal) eight figures.

Over at The Atlantic, there’s a look at Massachusetts’s statute 40B, which was passed in 1969 to enable developers to build affordable housing in rich areas, and has incited high-income residents to express their fears about integrated communities—the only sweet example: “a young boy complained that the residents of the affordable-housing complex would run over the turtles that sometimes appeared in the neighborhood.” More recent studies have found that, unsurprisingly, “the concerns of residents expressed before construction were usually not realized, and that controversy evaporated after construction wrapped up.”

• A recent Pew study finds that “Among Millennials, Facebook is far and away the most common source for news about government and politics.” According to its findings, Millenials are more likely to trust Al Jazeera America and the Colbert Report than Boomers, and Boomers have more confidence Breitbart News than Millenials. (Via The Awl.)

The Queen is dead! Just joking.

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