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Yvette Mimieux in Hit Lady

All I remember is she drives a red

sports car and wears an ankh around her neck

and is instructed by The Company

to bump off some union bigwig because

he’s scheduled to testify against a

Mafioso so she assumes a new

identity and starts dating him and

naturally he falls madly in love

with her not suspecting that this pert blonde

sitting on the other side of the pink

roses at the fancy restaurant is

actually the best assassin in

the business but when the time comes to pull

the trigger she breaks out in a cold sweat

and can’t go through with it because all she

really wants is to quit The Company

and marry her struggling artist boyfriend

who’s played by Dack Rambo and who of course

has no idea she kills people for a

living so she slips away and puts her

silencer in a storage locker at

the airport and flies to this picturesque

seaside village in Mexico where Dack

paints his unsalable masterpieces

and hoping to make a fresh start she tells

him everything but it turns out that Dack

works for The Company too so he shoots

her in the back on the beach and she dies.