Without Which He Would Not Have Written His Greatest Poems


Use a lot of saliva to lubricate the lower part of the shaft,

which you can stimulate with your hands. About Nietzsche,

I am sorry to say that your suggestion had completely slipped

from my mind. Do not zone in right away on the clitoris, and

then rub away madly. The unphilosophical historian doesn’t

stay high on his ladder. The angle of her pelvis will enable the

erect penis inside her to put sustained pressure on the front

wall of the vagina and G-spot. Apparently the Neue Rundschau

has not heard from him either. The man can thrust upward at

the same time, but it may take a while to get the timing right

together. About the Dutch literature. The man or woman can

end up in a position in which the head is completely off the

mattress and is resting against the floor. One might approve

of the maintenance of The Church of England in our time

and yet deplore its origin. Using your third and fourth finger,

caress your clitoris and the surrounding areas in a cross-like

movement, moving from north to south and then east to west,

with your clitoris as the central point. By the way, I wrote some

little time ago to Ortega y Gasset to ask him for a contribution

and have had no reply. The man kneels back on his heels on the

bed with the woman kneeling on top with her knees on either

side of his. Having advanced so far, a Word of caution. Grip

the top of the head like a water tap and twist as you would if

turning a tap on or off. My policy is frankly a waiting one. You

can roll your stockings down your legs—one at a time—either

by yourself, or involve your partner in the action. I agree with

you about Christ and I do not disagree with anything else.

If being tied to the bedpost while your partner makes slow,

tantalizing love to you or gives you orgasmic oral sex interests

you and you plan to act it out, then make sure he or she does

not tie the knots too tight, and that they can be undone

immediately if you request it, or whenever necessary. On page

79 line 308 there are two commas to be deleted and I intended

the four “burnings” to be printed with double spacing between

each. The woman sits and raises one foot to point vertically

over her head, steadying it with her hand. I am returning

to you the “Metaphysical Posters” after long consideration.

Purse your lips and then plant a light kiss, a little like a peck,

but at the rate of about three a second. Oh I suppose the

only thing to be done about W. Civilization is to think as

clearly as one can. An armchair lends itself very well to rear-

entry lovemaking, if the furniture is deep enough to take

both partners on its seat. The style of wrappers is somewhat

different here from that usual in America; they do not put on

so much letterpress. There is no rule that dictates how often a

couple should make love. I will buy a Cake.

Anis Shivani is the author of Logography: A Poetry Omnibus, and the novels A History of the Cat in Nine Chapters or Less and Karachi Raj

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