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Tranche I / Tranche II

Tranche I

I have lived through the end of syntax I have lived though the imperial grammars I have lived through the bursting of a bubble visible from space I have lived through the suicide of money to preserve the life of value I have lived through the fatal sacrifice of philosophy to avoid the jaws of the dialectic I have watched the spiral of Vico become the spiral of Sismondi and then watched that become le vrai viral livre I have stood atop a small hill with Mallarmé in one hand and in the other a cognitive balm and of what virtue were our pretty phrases against a thousand beautiful men standing in rank near the sunlit shore

Tranche II

We have given our hearts away we have given away all our dollar-denominated assets including our hearts we like regular anarchy we like rational derangement we we we so excited we say contradiction is the fluid in which we are suspended we turn and return and turning is the form contradiction takes when we are drifting we turn round and round in the night we are citizens of the turn we are tropolitan and in the city of the turn in the moving contradiction we haven’t really eaten or slept in a couple days and the men are beautiful and the women are beautiful and we remember that we meant to come here and never leave we meant this over and over but it meant something else