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The Proverbs of Heck

The body at poolside confesses its snacks.

The office of litigation has wider views than the kitchen of charity.

Gauze curtains admit a desire of sight.

Better a dinner at Herb’s than the noise of the kids.

Mop and sponge restore nothing to the bottle.

Enclose in census files your world’s delights.

To lose your baggage, take a different flight.

To the dog, a bone of prey; to the cat, its own fur.

Waiting fully dressed is an image of divine patience.

A positive culture explains the suffering.

The host sees his furnishings, the guest their fading.

God understands your neighbor’s choice of fabrics.

Good towels thirst for work.

No one sits on a lawn without a prop of vanity.

The tongue of a latch boasts of discretion.

The joy of a greeting card passes.

Novels for masochists, theater for sadists.

Time is money: saved for wasting.

In desiderata, the stress falls on the rot.