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The Karen Horney Progressions


I once met a woman who’d been

run over by a truck.

Well, a cement mixer.

Leg like a pancake.

Was her name Karen Horney?

I don’t think so.



I once met a girl who’d been

struck by a truck.

Cement mixer,

two tons.

Name was Karen Horney.

Or was it.



I’ll tell you a story

about Karen Horney

and now my story’s begun.

She got run over

by a steamroller,

and now my story is done.



I once met a woman who’d been

run over by a dump truck.

No, a cement mixer.

Her name, let’s say, was Karen Horney.



Karen Horney has collapsed!

I was shuffling along and suddenly

you were hailing from across the street

you hiked your skirt, ankle-length and asked

had I heard the news


will you look at that

you demanded, baring your calf,

“run right over by a steamroller”

in California, do they even have steamrollers?

I have been to California and countless parties

I have been struck by moving vehicles

and Hollywood stars

but no part of me is flattened

even if I wished it were

oh Karen Horney we love you get up