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sometimes i think i’m falling apart

“To many, SPAM is the epitome of horror in a can,

a filthy amalgam of discarded orts of industrial animal slaughter

and sinister chemical additives that require

a doctorate in chemistry—or necromancy—to decipher . . .

a noxious culinary miscreant.”

Robert Ji-Song Ku


“Without Spam, we wouldn’t have been able to feed our army.

We had lost our most fertile lands.”

Nikita Khrushchev



the jargons of symbolic hatred are doing a lot of heavy lifting here

in the submerged halftime of plaint versus luxury

scrimshaw supplicants but hurtling toward a very small jug

please just smooth this ointment for me

please acknowledge the rope that makes the sails work

(clarion thou tho)

(the word is taught as a substitute for a facial expression or gesture.)


i dunno, spork blossom. pilfer camp. oblique edges haunt the villa

the grammar our bodies have despite our work to obliterate grammar

glow of luggage as it returns to mere cargo-dom

banks glisten in the dream of a zero-party state

blanks glisten in the dream of wading into infinite solubility and walking thru whole in their thirst

and their dollar-store flip-flops

dark life swarms even dentists have enemies

long long ago now

bawdy cavalry search

hurry up chief. follow that dingus