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@Artemis Looked down into the silvered water and there he was. The most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. I’m in love.


@BrizoSees Had a dream last night—a nymph saying my name over and over. A rock skipped across the sea. A blinding flower. Thoughts?


@Calliope @Homer says you’ve helped his writing. Heard about @Ares demanding the DNA tests. Girl, war gods are full of drama.


@Dionysus Prune these wild river loti. My lover’s head is festooned. At first, ok. Now too much. I like him clean-shaven, like me.


@Eros I want him inside me, but he only offers water. I’ve said: I’m not parched, but I’m parched. He doesn’t grasp nuance.


@Echo Fuck off Fairy (fuck off fairy) repeat (repeat) after me (after me): he’ll kill you before you have me (he’ll kill you . . . have me)


@GaiaNature Turns out my water-spirit lover is a boy. Me too! I guess I’m gay. At least I am in good company, ask @Zeus. #ganymedegame


@HeraCurses That damned nymph @Echo rests near; my words rattle through her, falling back to me. Why do I suffer her curse? #stalkerblues


@IynxCharm The squalls displaced the pond. My lover is gone, again. He was not made for storms. What god do I beg to bring him back?


@Aegaeon Just a quick plea—please stop the jinx-storms. My lover leaves when it rains.


@KaikiasBlows Could you keep the wind still? Your kind kinks my lover’s skin, makes him turn from me. You are unwelcome here.


@Leda Messed up what @Zeus did. But, honestly, fucking a god seems better than fucking a swan to me. Damn. Do you.


@Maenads When @Dionysus claps your breasts like cymbals all night, sleep is impossible. He’s not looking for wifey in the club, ok?


@Nyx Why is night’s dark so long? Seems like you and @Chronos could collude to make the night shorter, less shadowy. #missmyboo


@Odysseus Do sirens sing in chorus? When my lover speaks, I speak. I can’t hear him without hearing myself. It’s getting old now.


@Poseidon Did your trident strike this spring? The water is shallow. But, get this: when I kiss my lover, I drown.


@Rhesus The river runs with great strength now. He moves so swiftly. I cannot keep up.


@Sisyphus Oh. My. Zeus. I know the feeling. Play some Billy Bragg. Helps me.


@Tethys Everyone in your life moves. Do you chase after, or let them go? If what you thought was a brook is a puddle, do you mourn?


@Uranus Do we convene in the heavens after we fade or fall? Do we fade or fall? Do my words ricochet off this water?


@Aphrodite @Venus Two-faced bitches, who are you really? What do you know about love?


@Xanthus @Xanthos I wish I could lead a chariot in battle. But I’m too vain to fly, too fine to fight.


@YourMomLiriope The seer said I’d live long if I didn’t look at myself. False prophet! I’m dying and I’ve never once seen myself.


@Zeus Who will forget my bones’ bloom, earth’s lust for me? Or who will remember one god of many? Not the crocus. Not the daffodil.

Airea D. Matthews is a Zell Postgraduate Poetry Fellow at the University of Michigan, where she earned an MFA. She lives in Detroit with her four children.

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