March Ample Life


Methought I saw my late live-in theory

    crossing the fireplace like a train

For the Headless Horseman is bald

    in the grave where the hair grows long

And Maud was the androgyne without a club

    on the path to Willy Beach

Dear George, the attitude was glued

    myopic and is a myopic clue

Dear Lesbia, dyslexia lives

    The schizophrenics clap for their sunup

But what is the name of your parrot?

    We’ll call it Carriage for Two

Squeak, dear parrot, sing

    etcetera, a number of songs etc.

Illusory Town where Mad Tom lives

    whose lungs are fucked by God and such

Where signal fires code Aurora

    referring to just another ducking

Lake at the edge of sleep

    the deathless equestrienne sees

Her namesake singing his hunger

    as one spouse signs for another

Sorting out this endless fragment of sky

    the curtain has hung on our roots

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Go-go Ode

Taylor Johnson

O capacious room,
give me your tongues. I’m done with being self-
possessed. Take hold, turn the river in me.



Fady Joudah

I forgot to say goodbye to the kids.
I knelt into my weeping until my heart
broke me awake.


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