Learning English


Ginta: Excuse me, that is your cat?

Sanita: Hm.…

G: I ask: That is your cat?

S: Yes, yes.

G: Whose? You unknown?

S: Who? Where?

G: That was only moment.

S: Who?

G: That self.

S: You over event the yesterday.

G: no

S: What about you?

G: Only about today.

S: Who is happen?

G: Who indeed is you people?

S: Please, untouched me?

G: You is egoist!

S: Why is you of me to trouble?

S: It at all about we to speaking.

G: about a cat.

S: what is cat?

G: About you

S: But now is cat.

G: Then already nothing!

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Kathleen Ossip

Like other gourds / chayote has a sprawling habit / and should only be planted if / there is plenty of room in the / garden.


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