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It was the year we turned to dragons

       snaked our way through harsh fields of sunflowers petals

landing on us heavy & dirty & we were beginning to lose sense

of direction became distracted by time the oblivious faces of

sunflowers watching themselves shed become bald


       we wanted to feast on each other first wanted to put our

own limbs in our bodies bite into our elbows and knees crack

every joint between our teeth we were hinged things teetering

between upright and indirect flight one of us


       ran so fast she burst into a wing the others settled into

envy at the flimsy hardness of her we were hungry and had only

our bodies to devour we ran from each other into each other

until our feet gave way until our jaws opened as fire we were


       scaly things we were blossoming finally we were final

rolling midair soon we’d learn to open our mouth to what


       we could only guess