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Idle Music is the Devil’s Band

This is how I learned to stop hating

the smug and arrogant, complicit folk

inside the rampant

suburban ubiquitous vehicles.

This is how I taught myself

that my hatred of their crass

lifestyles of mobile and sanitized

sport and corporate offices burned

more energy than necessary

and my low-grade, high-minded hatred must stop

tho it conflict with or contradict the President’s policy.

This is how I realized that, despite

the spacious righteousness in which I transported

my endless and oblique hatred

in an easy-rollover luxury, my hatred

could easily and mistakenly crush

a less vitriolic man in an icy accident.

This is when I learned my hatred,

like war clouds that gather over a blue gulf,

is bad for the environment.

And this is how I came to decide

to call Jesus on His cell phone.

Jesus works in Somerville

at the Somerville Theater

where He takes tickets today for the early show:

THE SUM OF ALL FEARS.                                     I thought He said

the Somerville Fears and I asked my Lord

who starred in the film. In the trailer,

as Jesus described it, a nuclear bomb

“goes off”

and without giving too much away Jesus knew

the kernel of my question was an urgent fear

of nuclear war between Pakistan and India.

What side does Jesus come down on

when millions of Hindus and Moslems

are on the brink of mutual incineration?

This is how I came to know Jesus

is also

politically disenfranchised.