Frameless Treatment Guidance Systems


Since a mechanical frame       around the head

can interfere       with access to the most

efficient entry points,       more and more surgeons

are turning to       treatment guidance systems

which work without       rigid frame constraints.


The image-guided       StealthStation combines

an intuitive       user interface

with state-of-the-art features       such as Mach 4.0

navigation software,       and Touchsite™

“for the ultimate       in surgeon control.”


After the initial       brain scans (CT,

PET and/or MRI),       StealthMerge

allows the user       to co-register

multiple image       datasets from different

modalities in as few       as two


mouse clicks.       Downloaded images may be

rotated, angled, enlarged,       or flipped to help

the surgeon preplan.       Nonrigid algorithms

produce crisp 3D       volume renderings

and eliminate       disturbing artifacts.


Now, the second-generation       StealthStation

has achieved       “new levels of precision. . . .

Designed for user-friendliness       in all

surgical suites,”       it has an integrated

uninterruptible       power supply,


a TargetLock       Aiming Mechanism,

and query/retrieve       capabilities.

Its two component carts       “can be used apart

from each other to save space       in the sterile field,

or docked in a small       footprint for storage.”


New, improved       neuronavigational

applications appear       nearly every day.

Dedicated instruments       interact

seamlessly,       and multidimensional

visualization       has greatly increased


the accuracy       and speed of scan

interpretation.       Intraoperative

ultrasound, which tracks       changes in cortical

morphology       during surgery,

has almost solved       the problem of brainshift.


The surgeon is now       able to follow

the instrumentation       at every stage

as it passes through the tissue,       and prevent

injury to eloquent       structures, adjusting

its path in case       of organ deformation.


The result is more       convenient treatment

and better outcomes.       Systems like ePIPHANY

isolutions offer       high security,

100%       lossless data transfer, for full-

fidelity viewing.       Web-based transmission


and usage mean       that today’s clinician

can manipulate       “patient images

anywhere, any time,       on demand,

with access as easy       as e-mail,

from office, operating room       or home.”

Melissa Monroe teaches at the New School for Social Research.

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