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A Poets Guide to the Assassination of JFK (test)

[the Assassination of Poetry]
Air Force One Yaddo
CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center Kinkos
American Rifleman American Poetry Review
Assassination Reviews Record Board The Paris Review
FBI Inner Voices (1963-2003) / Paper Trail (1965-2003)
Back Brace Back Issues

Air Force One

American Rifleman

Anti-Castro Cubans

Arlington National Cemetery

Assassination Records Review Board


Autopsy Photos

Autopsy Photos (Altered)

Babushka Lady

Back Brace

Badge Man

Judyth Vary Baker

Barber’s Adagio for Strings

The Bay of Pigs

Bell & Howell 414PD

Bethesda Naval Hospital

Big Oil

Lem Billings

Lee Bowers

“brain and eggs”

Madeleine Duncan Brown

Mae Brussell

George H.W. Bush


CIA’s National Photo Interpretation Center

Earle and Elizabeth Cabell

Cabinet Plan Over the Pacific


  The President

  The First Lady

  Caroline Kennedy

  John F. Kennedy, Jr.

The Carousel Club

Casket, Bronze Ceremonial

Casket, Metal Shipping

Fidel Castro

Rose Cheramie

“. . . chickens coming home to roost . . .”

Civil Air Patrol

John and Nellie Connally

John Connally’s Stetson

John Connally’s Wounds

Conspiracy Realists

Conspiracy Theorists

Counterfeit Agents

Coup d’Etat

The Cover-Up

Crescent City Garage

Walter Cronkite

City of Battle (film)


Dallas Police

Dallas Police Department Basement

The Dal-Tex Building

The Dallas Morning News

The Dark Complicated Man

George Bannerman Dealey

Dealey Plaza

      31 Motionless People

“This Decision to Go to the Moon”

Deep Politics/Deep Throat

Dog Man

“Don’t Go to Texas!”

    Reverend Billy Graham

Double Arrest (Oswald)

18 1/2 Minute Gap

“The Elderly Negro”

Elm Street “X”

The Epileptic

The Eternal Flame

Amos Lee Euins

Judith Exner


Fair Play for Cuba Committee

Fake Defectors Program

False Leads

David Ferrie

“Fiddle and Faddle”

544 Camp

Forgive My Grief

Jim Garrison

Grassy Knoll

Grassy Knoll Trolls

The Great Society

Agents Greer and Kellerman

Van Heflin

The Hertz Clock

Alek James Hidell

Agent Clint Hill

Jean Hill

James Hood

Hotel Del Charro

Hotel Texas

J. Edgar Hoover

Father Oscar Huber

Sarah T. Hughes

Humes and Boswell

E. Howard Hunt

“I’m just a patsy!”

Lyndon Johnson (LBJ)

LBJ’s Box 13

LBJ’s Psychiatrist

Lady Bird Johnson

The Joint Chiefs of Staff

Vivian Malone Jones

JFK’s Brain

Jacqueline Kennedy

Joseph P. Kennedy

Rose F. Kennedy

Kennedy Compound

Kennedy Half Dollar

The Kennedy-Johnson Ticket

Nikita Khrushchev

Malcolm Kilduff

Dorothy Kilgallen

The Kill Castro Medical Team

The Kill Zone

Henry Kissinger

Klein’s Sporting Goods

Mary Jo Kopechne

Lamb Chop Puppet

Life (Magazine)

John Liggett

Evelyn Lincoln

Lone Nut

Love Field

“Maggie’s Drawers”

The Magic Bullet

Marilyn Mailer

William Manchester

James Meredith

Military Industrial Complex

    Eisenhower Warning

Willie Mitchell

The Mob

George de Mohrenschildt

Mary Moorman

Mary Moorman Photo

Moscow-Washington Hotline


Motorcade Route

Motorcade Route (Altered)

Bill Moyers

Clint Murchison, Sr.

The Murchison Mansion

“My God, they are going to kill us all”

The National Archives

Howard Nemerov

The New Frontier

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Newman Family

9/11 Commission Report

1961 Lincoln Continental

4-door Convertible with Jump Seats

    Limousine Bubble Top

Limousine Complete Stop

    Limousine Windshield

Richard Nixon

Nurse’s Classroom (at PMH)

Jackie O

Jackie O’s Rose

Silvia Odio

Oil Depletion Allowance

“One of your guys did it.”

Aristotle Onassis

Orville Nix

Orville Nix Film (Altered)

Operation Mongoose

Lee Harvey Oswald



    (O. H. Lee)

ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence)

Marguerite Oswald

Marina Oswald

Oswald’s Bent Firing Pin

Oswald’s Palm Print

Parkland Memorial Hospital

Parkland Surgeons

The Patsy

The Pedestal

Penn Jones, Jr.

The Pentagon

Pepsi Cola Convention

Photograph of LBJ Being Sworn In

Photograph of Oswald Holding Rifle

Photograph of Oswald Being Shot

Picket Fence

Pink Chanel Suit

Pink Chanel Suit (Blood Stained)

Pink Pillbox Hat

The Plumbers (1971)

Power Control Group

Freddie Prinze

Profiles in Courage

Project Freedom


    The Enemy Within

Dan Rather

    The Camera Never Blinked

Real and Retimed Footage

Reily Coffee Company

Red Bird Airport Incident


Rifle Report

Roses, Red (Dallas)

Roses, Yellow (Fort Worth)

Jack Ruby

Charles Senseney

Secret Service

Shadow Government

Sirhan Sirhan

Marilyn Sitzman

The Sixth Floor Window

Sniper and Spotter

Sniper’s Nest

SS 100 X

State Funeral of John F. Kennedy

Stemmons Freeway Sign

Oliver Stone

The Storm Drain

Cecil Stoughton



James Tague

Televised Murder (?) of Oswald


    Democrats of Texas (DOT)
Texas Regulars

Texas School Book Depository

Texas Theater

Helen Thomas

Officer J.D. Tippet

Three Spent Cartridges

The Three Tramps

“This t-shirt is unfair”

Clyde Tolson

Dr. Janet Travell

Treason Leaflets


Triple Underpass

The Tunnels Under Dallas

Three-Week Cancer

12 noon–1 p.m.

UFO Files

The Umbrella

Umbrella Man

The Umbrella System

The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA)

Jack Valenti


Malcolm Wallace’s Fingerprint

War is Hell (film)

Warren Commission

    Earl Warren

Richard Russell, Jr (D-Georgia)

John Sherman Cooper (R-Kentucky)

Hale Boggs (D-Louisiana)

Gerald Ford (R-Michigan)

Allen Dulles (former Director of the CIA)

John J. McCoy (former President of the World Bank)

Arlen Specter (Assistant Counsel)

Warren Commission Report



The White Oak Cliff(s)

White Russian Community


Disappearing Witnesses

Witness Testimonies

Abraham Zapruder

The Zapruder Film



American Poetry Review

Cave Canem


The Paris Review

Diving into the Wreck

Disembodied Poetics

Exquisite Corpse

Star Black

Back Issues

William Logan

Lee Ann Brown

Come on All You Ghosts

“Furious Flower”

Sad Little Breathing Machine

“After great pain . . . “

The Nobel Prize

Mistress Bradstreet

Jake Adam York

Contributor’s Bio

Madame Deluxe

Grace Cavalieri

The Yale Younger

PSA (Poetry Society of America)


Guns ‘N’ Roses

The Cloud Corporation






Best American Poetry

First Edition

Second Printing

Amiri Baraka

Chelsey Minnis

Frank X. Walker

The Necessary Angel

Kingsley and Kate Tufts

Paul Muldoon’s Rackett

“Four Quartets”



Contest Judges

O blek B’ilat



Robert Pinsky


The Triggering Town

Publishers Weekly

Busboys and Poets

Atheneum Books

Words in the Mourning Times (1970)

The Dark Room Collective

George Ames Plimpton


Poetry Reading Audience

Lila Bell Wallace

Best-Selling Jewish Porn Films

Seth Abramson


Billy Collins



The Book of Negro Folklore


Performance Poet

Robert Frost

Afaa Jess Dawes


Inner Voices (1963-2003) / Paper Trail (1965-2003)


The Baffler

Small Press Distribution

David Ferry

Myra Breckinridge

826 Valencia

4 Volumes of Elegies

New Directions


Wilde Boys


Poets & Writers

James Franco


Persona Poem

“The art of losing isn’t hard to master”

Mrs. Giles Whiting

On the Bus with Rosa Parks

The Library Hotel

Tin House

Richard Howard

Padre Spencer Reece

Selected Poems

Orr and Burt

T. R. Hummer

Mexico City Blues

James H. Billington (Librarian of Congress)

MLA Job List 2013

Robert N. Casper

Barbard “MacBird” Garson


On the Bus with Rosa Parks

Received Forms

Cate Marvin



Fine Arts Work Center

The Threepenny Review

The Prolific and the Devourer

Peter Sellers

Harold Augenbraum

Alice Quinn


Index of First Lines

“Huffy henry hid the day, / unappeasable Henry sulked.”


Government Girl


Ways of Seeing

Thomas Lynch

“Cut the last line”


The MacDowell Colony

Marjorie Perloff

The Pulitzer Prize

Norman Monroe

William Matthews

On the Bus with Rosa Parks


The Cantos

Mitchell Douglass

Poetry Foundation

Askold Melnyczuk

Rona Jaffe Foundation

Bedtime for Democracy (The Dead Kennedys)


Wave Poetry Bus

“The Road Not Taken”

As the World Turns

The Language of Life: A Festival of Poets

Steven Barclay

All the Vice President’s Men

Lit Crit

The Strand Bookstore

Poet Laureate Consulate in Poetry to the Library of Congress, 1963-64

Marfa, Lannan

The New School

Poetry Writing Sample, 571 pages

Ford’s (Motor Company) Theater

Heroic Couplet

Structural Integrity

A Local Storm (1963) / Departures (1973)


Sharon Olds

2 oz white rum, 1/2 oz lime juice, 1 dash Cointreau orange liqeur, 1 tsp sugar

Silvana Straw

“Sympathy for the Devil”

Meditations In An Emergency


Paul Simon

“The Sounds of Silence” (1964)

“The Sound of Silence” (1965)

Brutal Imagination

Spoken Word

Bob Holman

Miquel Algarin



Martha Rhodes

Anne Waldman


Concrete Poetry

MFA Program

Graduate Writing Workshop


Sunday Book Review (The New York Times

PEN American Center

The Penguin Group

Poets House

“In Plato’s Cave”


Unit of Sound / Unit of Meaning




Tender Buttons


The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics

Miguel Piñero


Lighthead Off & Split

Nick Flynn

Blind Huber

Dan Chiasson

The Afterlife of Objects

Leaping Poetry

Coffee House Press

Flying Object

The Lyric “I” / The “I” of the Lyric

Starred Review

Blue Flower Arts

“The Yellow Rose of Texas”

David Lehman

Cynthia Krupat

National Book Foundation

The Amy Lowell Traveling Scholarship

Shivani Shivani

Tree Swenson


Grant Application Deadline

A Public Space

Saratoga Piper PA-32R-301

“. .  a formal feeling comes–”

The Freedom of Information Act

Brian Turner


Let Us Now Praise Famous Men



“…is like a villain with a smiling cheek,”

Who Shot J.R.?/Who J.R. Shot?

Unsolicited Manuscripts

Simultaneous Submissions

Dodge Poetry Festival

City Lights

Catalog Copy, Print and Electronic

Tony Hoagland

Five Metaphysical Poets


The New Yorker

The Pleasure of the Text

Collected Poems

Broadsides/Courtesy of the Center for Book Arts

The Collected Works of Billy the Kid

Lyrical Ballads

The Tenure Track

Writer’s Block

“Skunk Hour”

Slush Pile

Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference

Michael Collier

Waiters, Fellows, Scholars, Faculty & Guests

The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church

Protect and Defend (1992)

Squaw Valley

Found Poetry

National Poetry Slam Championship

Academy of American Poets

Richard Eberhart

Daniel Hoffman

Reed Whittemore

William Meredith

Allen Tate

Robert Fitzgerald

Dana Gioia

Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror

National Endowment for the Arts

The Book of Nightmares (1973)

of Dover Beach

On Grief and Reason/Dancing in Odessa/Factory of Tears

The Nation

Out of Print Titles

Uncorrected Proof

Joseph Campbell

The Power of Myth