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A Notice to the National Press Agency
(The World Seen from a Clinic)

Translated from the Italian by Peter Valente

News leaked out late last night . . .

It concerned the social effects upon the young

of recent industrial projects.

A boy escapes and cuts the cord

“before the city comes to know the reports of the diviners.”

The police are down there in their cars in the bright sun.

The Polyclinic at Verano is also there in the bright sun

that shines down on that old streetcar that passes along the avenue,

whose Authority is tolerated with no critique from the actual world. In the bright sun

the judges arrive on motor scooters instead.

They stop and start up again.

You young men drip chemicals into your veins and infect the blood of your brothers

with your inventive techniques. The donors are just boys

who dance, content with nothing, in the Joyous Tower. And yet their destiny

is crossed with yours. Perhaps, there is still time

since few pedestrians walk these streets at night

and those who do may seem scattered and lost

but they worship the cause of the Solar Presence.

How do I escape and cut this cord that binds me. No one

can resist a needle in the vein

and the Substantial One has no desire

to affirm or deny this.


April 27, 1969