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Just look at the emptiness in those eyes, the paucity of happiness in that smile . . . / Matt Johnson
The Baffler,  May 4, 2016

Daily Bafflements

Just look at the emptiness in those eyes, the paucity of happiness in that smile . . . / Matt Johnson


• Here at The Baffler, we’re big fans of scorched earth tactics. Give us a bridge; we’ll burn it, and trample merrily on its ashes. So, we were delighted to see that Jessa Crispin of Bookslut is taking the same approach to the publishing industry. In an interview with Vulture about her decision to put the much-beloved website to rest, she trashes on MFA culture (“Everyone is super-cheerful because they’re trying to sell you something, and I find it really repulsive”), newspapers that refused to print the website’s name (“Fuck them!”), and blogs about books (“They’re so professional, and I mean that as an insult”). Marvelous! 

• Over at Dissent, Tressie McMillan Cottom has an epic takedown of Anne-Marie Slaughter’s book Unfinished Business. “All versions of the have-it-all thesis are susceptible to the same critiques because the thesis is just a manifestation of capital’s creative translation of our precarious, post-work political economy,” she writes. “At its heart, for some women to have it all, most women cannot ever have enough.” So, ladies, before you “lean in”—to borrow another phrase beloved by corporate feminists—remember: capitalist-friendly feminism isn’t your friend.

• After a big win in Indiana and the announcement that the Zodiac kill–I mean, Ted Cruz is suspending his campaign, Donald Trump is now very, very likely to win the Republican nomination. That’s depressing, so here’s a video of a fat raccoon trying to open a door. Once you’re done with that, feel free to spend the rest of the afternoon sobbing while watching Ted Cruz elbow his wife in the face

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