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look don't eat
The Baffler,  July 7, 2017

Weekly Bafflements

A few things we've enjoyed this week

look don't eat


What if democracy but too much?


Over at Current Affairs, Nathan J. Robinson tackles the pundit class’s surprisingly resilient idea that elitism is a good and defensible thing. Please remove your monocle before reading.


Hashtag spectacle of consumption


“How do you sell food to a group of people that American culture has harassed into a near-universally fraught relationship with your products? It turns out the answer is easy: just give them something to do with food that isn’t eating it.” Amanda Mull looks at the paradox of turning eating into an aesthetic.


And another thing the internet has ruined


Our own Hannah Gais reviews Angela Nagle’s Kill All Normies for The New Republic. Though the alt-right can seem like an impenetrable mess of contradictions and shifting allegiances, a closer look reveals that the group may have taken some lessons from its liberal opponents.


Seriously, just read this one

Jon Bois has a new project up at SB Nation and it’s one of the most bizarre, ambitious, and moving things we’ve seen in quite some time.

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