Baffler No. 35 hits shelves soon! / Twitter
The Baffler,  June 2

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A very special Trump supporter, a happy anniversary for workers, and a new issue on the way

Baffler No. 35 hits shelves soon! / Twitter


Baffler contributor Corey Pein reports for The Guardian on a Trump supporter who’s received a very special award from some of the president’s associates. John Beavers, who last year reportedly sold his house to campaign independently on behalf of Donald Trump across twenty-eight states in his “Trump Truck,” had his nose broken during a clash with anti-Trump protestors in Berkeley last month . . . and all he got was this lousy portrait.

• Happy Anniversary, Seattle workers: It’s been exactly three years since the city passed its landmark $15 minimum wage legislation. Has the economy crumbled? Has poverty been eradicated? The answers are complicated, but as the minimum wage gradually hits the law’s $15 target, other states and cities are moving forward with similar plans.

• Stay tuned! Baffler No. 35, “The Bad Society,” is just days away. In the meantime, you can catch up on your Issue 34 reading, here.

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