The Baffler,  October 26, 2011

The Baffler Joins the MIT Press



We have big news: This afternoon, we signed a five-year, fifteen-issue publishing contract with the MIT Press.

We’re very excited that a new Baffler is now guaranteed to come out three times a year for the foreseeable future. We know you are, too.

The next issue is due in March. It will feature new writing from Baffler editors Thomas Frank and Chris Lehmann, as well as essays from Barbara Ehrenreich, David Graeber, Aaron Swartz, and fiction from Russian writer Ludmilla Petrushevskaya. The second and third issues, to be released in both print and digital editions, will appear in June and October.

There’s an article about the deal in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Read it here.

Read the MIT Press announcement here.

Subscribe to The Baffler here. (Current subscribers: Thanks for waiting. MIT Press will be in touch soon.)

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