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Thanks, Reddit. / wicked_ladybug
The Baffler,  August 17, 2016

Daily Bafflements

Thanks, Reddit. / wicked_ladybug


• Jill Stein’s candidacy may be a long shot—even in a race where both major party nominees are intensely, passionately disliked. Yet she’s still managed to garner the attention of major outlets—hell, her town hall tonight is going to air on CNN—although not all of their coverage has necessarily been desirable. (Take, for instance, the array of thinkpieces regarding her visit to Moscow.) As Jacob Silverman notes in his dispatch from the Green Party Convention: “Being a loser in the attention economy, though, has real costs for the Green Party, which has devoted most of its resources to getting on ballots and into the presidential debates.”

• Meanwhile, a Gary Johnson Super PAC has spent $30,000 on internet memes. (Before you ask—yes, it is a questionable purchase because there’s already a “dank meme stash” on Facebook for the candidate.) So far it has yet to put those memes to work; as Gawker notes, “Unfortunately for anyone who wants to know what 30 grand in rare pepes looks like, AlternativePAC has yet to share any memes (internet web or otherwise).”

• “I went to Penn. I saw Wharton undergrads who are really, really smart kids cheat their way to the top and later get caught when they were out in the world when they were brokers. To me, Donald Trump is the perfect Wharton grad. I’m going to get fired.”

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