When you hate immigrants and love collars | Wikimedia Commons
The Baffler,  September 15, 2017

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Seriously though, what the fuck is with the shirts?

When you hate immigrants and love collars | Wikimedia Commons


No One Man Should Have All Those Collars.

For The Cut, Olivia Nuzzi investigates the question we’ve all been asking: why the hell does Steve Bannon wear so many shirts? Nobody was willing to go on record with our favorite theory—that his torso oozes whatever substance destroyed that jacuzzi—but it’s still an important piece of reporting.


“The mainstream fashion industry is not interested in serving plus-size customers, full stop.”

Sticking with the fashion beat, Amanda Mull wrote about her experience at plus-size retailer Torrid’s recent NYFW show. It’s a concise, righteous look at how the industry and media treat a significant portion of the population with barely veiled contempt.


Fuck Facebook.

ProPublica took a look at the social media behemoth’s advertising categories and confirmed that you can indeed target ads to people who identify as “Jew hater.” Meanwhile, they refused to let us advertise a story because of swear words. Good shit.


“A lithography before words.”

Over at The Outline, regular Baffler contributor Sam Kriss is doing his Sam Kriss thing, this time on ancient cave paintings, and meaning, with the requisite nod to Derrida.


IT’s Just Not The Same Anymore.

“But six years later, I now have to admit: I was wrong. Dead wrong. And that’s why I’m leaving Derry.

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