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Being a woman sucks ass.



Wow who besides literally everyone saw this coming.

After decades of gossip and backchannel talk, somebody finally reported out and published the story that Harvey Weinstein is an enormous fucking creep. He looks like overripe fruit, and makes young women watch him shower. Cool cool.


He’s been getting away with this shit for years.

Rebecca Traister recounts the time Weinstein called her a cunt and pushed her then-colleague down the stairs. In public. In front of other reporters. If you still don’t understand how power operates this is a good primer.


Speaking of reporters . . .

Buzzfeed dropped this barnburner of a piece that outlines how Breitbart launders white supremacist messages. There are tonnes of incredible moments here but of particular interest is the email chain in which purportedly liberal, male journalists are seen passing tips and stories to Milo Yiannopoulos. Love to have allies!


“You just shove it in and expand it as wide as you want.”

Wired has a great piece on a company trying to redesign the speculum for the twenty-first century. The depressing part is literally every reason why you would have to do that. 


Honestly though fuck everything.

The Trump administration announced it will be relaxing the current requirement that large companies cover employees’ birth control under the ACA.


Support women.

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Strip The Hierarchies of Cuckoldry and Bankruptcy of its satirical critique, and you're left with a logic that is dismally familiar. The categories of embattled manhood now trafficked by the cuck-trashing, immigrant-bashing men of Breitbart or 4chan are shifting but ultimately exacting; like Fourier’s taxonomist, they obsess over finer and finer distinctions. Their aim is not to elevate one idealized version of masculinity, but to break masculinity into a more perfect pecking order, so almost everyone can look down a level at the scum below. This new order relies on the traditional markers of manly achievement—a girlfriend, sexual partners, money, power, and, most importantly, control—but none of those matter as much as the act of division itself. It’s a coping strategy. Yes, the 4chan men like to make jokes about living in their parents’ basements, but those jokes are only funny if they can point to someone even lower than themselves.

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