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He knows . . . the truth! / Julie Pimentel
The Baffler,  October 26, 2016

Daily Bafflements

Alex Jones is at it again, and an American snags the Man Booker Prize

He knows . . . the truth! / Julie Pimentel


• Today in “are you fucking kidding me?”: The Federalist helpfully proclaims that “The Senate Should Refuse to Confirm All of Hillary Clinton’s Judicial Nominees.” And since it’s not technically a column about the election, you have to read it

The New York Times appears to have forgotten that, as a general rule, watching the episodes in a television show in the correct order tends to make for a better, more helpful review. 

• Alex Jones, one of Donald Trump’s favorite conspiracy theorists, is extremely concerned about the “Jewish Mafia.” Lest anyone jump to conclusions, he’d like you to know that he’s no anti-Semite—he’s just here to warn you that “they run Uber, they run the health care, they’re going to scam you, they’re going to hurt you.”

• Paul Beatty, author of The Sellout, became the first American to win the Man Booker Prize this week. Head over to our friends at Longreads for a helpful roundup of some coverage of Beatty’s latest.

• “Quite frankly, what could be a higher order priority for a government than the provision of quality education, noting how key it is to the educational well-being of its children and a nation’s future productivity and therefore prosperity?”

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