21 minutes is all it takes | Wikimedia Commons
The Baffler,  October 27, 2017

Weekly Bafflements

Well . . . it's certainly been another week.

21 minutes is all it takes | Wikimedia Commons


It’s never just one man.

For Splinter, Clio Chang examines the revelations about long-time New Republic editor Leon Wieseltier and how the culture of the magazine countenanced his actions.


Sarah Polley is a treasure.

The Cut has a great profile of actor/director Sarah Polley, who is a delight and for whom our Canadian social media editor would hide a body, no questions asked.


“A free woman in an unfree society will be a monster”

Continuing the trend of “women we admire, because honestly there is too much awful news about men,” Namara Smith reviews a new Angela Carter biography for The Nation.


Fuckjams of the rich and famous.

Long live Ashley Feinberg. The best investigative reporter working today came out with another stunning piece: Ivanka and Jared’s anniversary sex playlist.


Okay, this one is pretty depressing.

Patrick Radden Keefe goes long on the Sackler family—renowned for their philanthropy and also, one could argue, singularly responsible for the opioid epidemic.

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