Facebook wants to give you some more high-tech tools for moving on. / sushiesque
The Baffler,  November 20, 2015

Daily Bafflements

Facebook wants to give you some more high-tech tools for moving on. / sushiesque


• As the song goes, breaking up is hard to do, but Mark Zuckerberg thinks he can ease the pain for you. Facebook is testing out a new set of tools called “take a break,” which quickly offer coupled users who change their relationship status the chance to see less of a former partner in their newsfeed or automatically untag them from old posts. No need to “unfriend” your old flame . . . this way you can still obsessively stalk their profiles when you’re good and ready.

Pacific Standard reports on recent changes which make the GED test harder to pass, and leave thousands of qualified workers stuck in low-wage jobs. As one veteran GED teacher says, “The old test measured basic skills that made you successful in most job settings . . . What it did . . . was open the door to people to show what they can do. This new test has closed the door to so many, and that includes people who have had good employment histories and put in the extra hours for studying the test.”

• According to Northeastern University, the school will be playing “a key role” in helping NASA send “humanoid robots” to Mars.

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