Death by Airbnb. / Jenny Downing
The Baffler,  November 9, 2015

Daily Bafflements

Death by Airbnb. / Jenny Downing


• Welcome to “The Edge,” a low-hanging target for a magazine with a habit of blunting. Described as the “Uber of buildings,” this steely, app-responsive structure sounds like a giant game of musical chairs. No one has a desk—though, to accentuate the positive, that’s one less place to clear when you’re asked to leave.

• Zak Stone, on Medium, narrates his father’s death at an AirBnb rental: “‘I always feel a sense of peace come over me when I look out at the yard,’ our hosts had written beneath a photo of the yard on their Airbnb listing, the company’s insignia floating just pixels from where the trunk later split in two.”

• In need of wi-fi in Moscow? The Russian Orthodox Church is providing free “Orthodox internet.” (A caveat, though, “users won’t be able to access…any mention of homosexuality.”)

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