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Echo #76

A poem by Fady Joudah

I hereby confer upon you
the degree: From the river to the sea.  

Effective immediately,
you graduate the river I resign
to the sea that returns

through the underground.
It’s not a river
for transporting corpses, the sea
not a mass grave

from sea to shining sea.
And this is why I won’t take questions from
the dossier of straitlaced lies,
but will hold on to my key.

Knock, knock. Who’s there?
Vertical. Vertical who?
From the river to the sea.

Arrested, detained, endangered, drained:
What do we release?
From the river to the sea.
And when do we release it?

The pension high, the market flow:
Knock, knock, horizontal who?

Effective immediately,
we are free from the river
to the sea.