Should we be concerned about Rambo viewers? / Dr Case
The Baffler,  October 22, 2015

Daily Bafflements

Should we be concerned about Rambo viewers? / Dr Case


• New research theorizes that one’s youthful entertainment choices may have a lot to do with one’s political ideology, leading Pacific Standard to ask, “Are right-wingers raised on Rambo?

• Today in innovation: Elon Musk’s recent Tesla woes may soon be over, thanks to the brand’s new cheerleader, comedian Stephen Colbert. As ad exec Lincoln Merrihew remarked, “the magic of a celebrity evangelist is that they love a product so much that they will talk about it for free. It was more than a simple endorsement; it was more like a commercial.” Tesla’s spacefaring founder can use all the help he can get right now, after the long-awaited release of the company’s Model X SUV comprised only six vehicles and Consumer Reports downgraded the Model S. It seems at the moment that Musk doesn’t have much better luck with cars than with rocketships.

• Twitter may soon reverse its decision to ban Politwoops, a service that tracks and archives politicians’ deleted tweets. Luckily, the candidates in this year’s presidential primary haven’t had any trouble embarrassing themselves in the service’s absence. Take, for instance, Lincoln Chafee, who claimed in the most recent debate to have voted for the repeal of the Glass-Steagall financial regulations when he was new in Congress and not paying much attention, and whose poll numbers and donor support are equally humiliating, according to NPR.

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