Q: What to do with all this leisure? A: Systematically suppress it. / Dominic Alvez
The Baffler,  September 16, 2015

Daily Bafflements

Q: What to do with all this leisure? A: Systematically suppress it. / Dominic Alvez


• “Hitler’s world may not be so far away,” writes Timothy Snyder! “Once standard of living is confused with living, a rich society can make war upon those who are poorer in the name of survival. Tens of millions of people died in Hitler’s war not so that Germans could live, but so that Germans could pursue the American dream.” Happy Wednesday! Almost over the hump.

• Since Tim Wu, coiner of the term “net neutrality,” has a new job at the attorney general’s office, here’s a piece he wrote last month about the humiliation of work: “There’s something missing: the question of whether the American system, by its nature, resists the possibility of too much leisure, even if that’s what people actually want, and even if they have the means to achieve it.”

• Today in advice to live by, whether or not you’re an ad exec: “Think Bespoke, Not Big Brother“!

• You look like someone who would know what to do with Facebook’s new “dislike” button. 

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