John Galt has been located by Slavoj Žižek. / Greg Palmer
The Baffler,  August 25, 2015

Daily Bafflements

John Galt has been located by Slavoj Žižek. / Greg Palmer


• “Now we finally know who John Galt is,” Slavoj Žižek writes of Ayn Rand’s individualist, “the idiot responsible for the 2008 financial meltdown and, consequentially, for the threat of the shutdown of state apparatuses.” Remember, Žižek once told Baffler editor John Summers and contributing editor David Graeber to bring bureaucracy—of all things!—into seduction

• Pushed for time? This live feed will return to you the hours you spend speculating about what is happening at Andy Warhol’s grave. And these Yelp reviews of National Parks will save you ever stepping out of your home.

• Nellie Bowles and Lauren Greenfield offer portraits of the neighborhoods and buildings that startups are colonizing.

• Meanwhile, in clown school…

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