An unwitting victim in Scott Walker's war on bicycles. / David Melchor Diaz
The Baffler,  June 4, 2015

Daily Bafflements

An unwitting victim in Scott Walker's war on bicycles. / David Melchor Diaz


• Pittsburgh has been ranked lowest in startup activity among the country’s major metro areas, frightening the city’s entrepreneurial set. Denizens of the startup ecosystem can’t be stopped from wringing their hands—despite the fact that the city’s tech economy is on the rise, analysts laud its growing economic diversity, and its currently ranked among the top ten American cities in which to earn a living wage.

• Today in dubious do-gooders: The Economist has jumped on to the “venture philanthropy” bandwagon, touting “impact-minded” donation and even asking a few questions about what will happen to charities that can’t demonstrate a return on investment. For a more in-depth take, check out Rhonda Lieberman’s Baffler No. 24 salvo on the matter.

• In case you haven’t been moved to action by his crusade against women’s bodies over the past week, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has now taken as his opponent the humble bicycle, adding a new tax on bike sales and slashing funding for cycling infrastructure in his home state, perhaps having heard that the bicycle is a popular mode of transportation among pregnant women and union members.

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