The Baffler,  March 16, 2015

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• The National Journal has a funny little feature on conservative pols’ love affair with Chick-fil-a, the fast food that became a culture-war emblem when the chain’s CEO spoke out against same-sex marriage in 2012. Now, the chicken sandwiches are a must for catered lunches, fundraisers, and photo ops. Unfortunately, there’s only one Chick-fil-A branch in D.C., and it doesn’t deliver. “To get their bosses a fix, Hill staffers have to order from outlets in Maryland and Virginia—often from a tiny, dimly lit food court 8 miles away in Ballston, Virginia, where Jeff Burke, a jovial 51-year-old with a white mustache, operates a Chick-fil-A franchise that’s been churning out food for Republican groups for more than a decade.” (Via Tim Murphy.)

• Computers inside New York Police Department headquarters were used to edit (or attempt to delete) Wikipedia entries on “several well-known victims of police altercations, including entries for Eric Garner, Sean Bell, and Amadou Diallo,” reports Capital, as well as “entries on stop-and-frisk, NYPD scandals, and prominent figures in the city’s political and police leadership.”

• South by Southwest Panel of the Day: “Speed Date Your Way to Massive Social Impact.”

• In related news, Tinder users at SXSW this past weekend fell for a user named “Ava,” who turned out to be a spambot advertising for a new sci-fi movie. Victims of the spam scam report being “crestfallen,” says AdWeek. (Via Alex Goldmark.)

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