The Baffler,  February 19, 2015

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• Here’s Jessica Roy, US Weekly style, on the preferred diets of the GOP presidential hopefuls, from Jeb Bush’s Paleo to Bobby Jindal’s “whatever” method.

• PSA: This Jeb Bush flask is only $35 at the site Millennials for Jeb! The website copy is only slightly intimidating: “Stand with us for a brighter future. Together, the Millennial Generation can rise as one and make its voice heard: We want Jeb.” (Via Jeff Larson.)

• Today in Billionaires: This is an enjoyable and relatively self-aware profile of Richard Landry, megamansion architect and designer. Steven Kurutz writes, “Mr. Landry, who had a plebeian childhood as the son of a carpenter…isn’t interested in class warfare. Whether the haves should practice self-restraint for the betterment of society is a matter for sociologists…. Mr. Landry’s approach isn’t to tell his clients that a sustainable vegetable garden behind a ginormous house is a little ridiculous.”

• So, we’re exporting armed drones now. According to the New York Times, “The export rules will not permit buyers to use American drones ‘to conduct unlawful surveillance or use unlawful force against their domestic populations,’ the State Department said.” Sure, what could go wrong? 

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