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The Baffler,  January 27, 2015

Daily Bafflements

Photo by Leo Anderson


• In the run-up to Monday night’s snowstorm, Mother Jones published the results of an extensive series of calculations for how much you should tip a food delivery person during a blizzard. The author came up with the answer of 30 percent. Our answer: learn to cook, or eat a granola bar like the rest of us, you selfish so-and-so.

• Today in Bespoke: The Coloradoan asks, “Bespoke or not bespoke, now that is the question.” Our answer: no.

• Republicans at the Iowa Freedom Summit over the weekend seem to have almost entirely avoided the phrase “middle class,” according to The Week‘s analysis of CNN transcripts.

• From Entrepreneur magazine, please enjoy these twenty very earnest “inspiring quotes on how to build a successful start-up,” including Ev Williams’s exhortation to “live and breathe…user-centered design.”

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