This guy! Tom Steyer photo by Helloaloe
The Baffler,  January 23, 2015

Daily Bafflements

This guy! Tom Steyer photo by Helloaloe


• Billionaire Tom Steyer won’t run for Congress, he says. (We don’t know if anyone was really asking him to, but okay.) He writes in a statement, “My decision about whether to engage from the outside or seek elected office came down to a single question: how best can I fight for a level playing field at this point?’” Hm, something tells us that the “outside” bit and the “level playing field” aren’t really his areas of expertise.

• Here’s another reminder that whenever American workers go on strike against unfair policies and low pay, thankfully, there’s always some heroic innovator ready to step into the vacuum and make a profit.

• It’s too bad that the male-genitalia-revealing fashion line that Rick Owens debuted in Paris this week has distracted from the real star of the show, this sleeveless sweatshirt with outer space cartoons on it that probably costs more than your car.

• Thanks to all those who came out to last night’s panel discussion “The Tsarnaev Trial and the Rest of Us,” and a thousand thanks to our speakers, Noam Chomsky and Kade Crockford. We know it sold out fast, but if you weren’t able to make it, we hear that WGBH’s Forum Network will be posting the video sometime soon. Happy Friday!

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