The Baffler,  January 7, 2015

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• Did you know? You can anonymously send someone poop in a box? Plain old cow dung is only $15.95 per quart, but for gorilla doo, you have to pay a little bit more. (Via the Harpers’ Weekly Review.)

• Revenge is best served on a plate, not in a bag: the Korean Air executive who demanded that her plane turn around and switch its crew during the “macademia nut incident” has not only been fired, but is now being indicted for violating aviation safety regulations.

• Explaining the criticism and anger towards a Connecticut brewery for the branding it used to sell an India pale ale, “a Hartford lawyer said that the issue was not just the use of Gandhi’s name but also his depiction as a robot.”

• Ten years ago, there were three billionaires in China. Now, there are over 350. But as Devin Friedman found on assignment for GQ, China’s newly, absurdly wealthy people don’t necessarily know how to spend all their money, or where to meet other newly absurdly wealthy people, or even how pronounce foie gras. (Neither do we.) So they’re taking classes on, for instance, how to buy a private island, and how to eat a banana with a fork.

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