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The Baffler,  December 30, 2014

Daily Bafflements

Photo by Joel Kramer


• Today in Billionaires: two self-made billionaires (sorry, “producers”) have a new book out that shares the secrets of their success. Billionaires, you see, “cannot predict the exact time to make an investment…they are willing to operate simultaneously at multiple speeds and time frames. They accept that timing is not under their control, and so they work fast, slow, super slow, or in all these modes at the same time. They urgently prepare to seize an opportunity but patiently wait for that opportunity to fully emerge.”

• Condé Nast will pay out $5.85 million in back pay for thousands of interns who worked for the publisher from 2007 to the present, and ICM has settled a former-intern lawsuit as well.

• In The California Sunday Magazine, tales from Reno, Nevada, which is becoming a “drone magnet.” (Via Nancy Scola.)

• Sarita Gupta writes for The American Prospect about the grueling job of a home-care worker, an industry that’s both growing in size and lagging far behind in worker protections and compensation.

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