Hal is also a pretty friendly name. / Photo by Alberto Racatumba.
The Baffler,  December 23, 2014

Daily Bafflements

Hal is also a pretty friendly name. / Photo by Alberto Racatumba.


• “Forget Spotify, Etsy, or Contenty,” says Fortune, “the latest trend in startup names is regular old human names,” like Oscar, Alfred, and Lulu. “Jacob Brody, founder of Benny, says he chose the name because he wants his company to be seen as a trustworthy helper, not a faceless corporation. ‘We wanted to create software with soul,’ he says. ‘Benny has your back. He’s your buddy and dependable.'”

• Staten Island’s congressman-and-convicted-felon Michael Grimm won’t go home.

• Today in Minimum Wage: a federal judge has struck down a change to a labor law that would have given home health care workers minimum wage and overtime pay protections. Judge Richard Leon called the change “thinly-veiled effort to do through regulation what could not be done through legislation.” (Via Bryce Covert.)

• It’s science: fast food is not only pretty gross, but it may actually be making kids stupid, too.


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