A vigil for Ferguson at McGill University on Wednesday. / Photo by Gerry Lauzon.
The Baffler,  November 26, 2014

Daily Bafflements

A vigil for Ferguson at McGill University on Wednesday. / Photo by Gerry Lauzon.


• “It would have been powerful to see charges filed against Darren Wilson. At the same time, actual justice for Michael Brown—a world in which young men like Michael Brown can’t be gunned down without consequences—won’t come from the criminal justice system. Our courts and juries aren’t impartial arbiters—they exist inside society, not outside of it—and they can only provide as much justice as society is willing to give.” —Jamelle Bouie for Slate. (Via Bijan Stephen.)

• Here’s Baffler senior editor Chris Lehmann at In These Times about First Look Media: “for all the feverish speculation surrounding First Look‘s troubles, the most obvious culprit is hiding in plain sight: the reliance on truckloads of money from Silicon Valley.”

• Today in Billionaires: Courthouse News Service reports on a curious lawsuit filed by one wealthy investor against his  brother. Rick Sanberg allegedly registered websites under Joseph Sanberg’s name and used them to write “sexist and racist content,” also under Joseph’s name. When Joseph tried to buy the sites and shut them down, he found that they had been registered by Rick, and that Rick was demanding $750,000 for the sales. Joseph is suing his brother for cyberpiracy, false light, and defamation.

• Fidelity Investments is creating a virtual-reality app for Oculus Rift goggles that will let users “fly” through a three-dimensional representation of their investments. “In Fidelity’s prototype virtual environment—which it says is the first financial services app written for Oculus—stocks are represented as office towers and lumped together in sector ‘neighborhoods,'” reports MIT Technology Review, which got a sneak peek. “The buildings’ footprints are shaped by trading volume and their rooftops are red or green depending on changes in price.” (Via Zachary Davis.)

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