How stylish. / Photo by Kate Ter Haar.
The Baffler,  November 14, 2014

Daily Bafflements

How stylish. / Photo by Kate Ter Haar.


• Thanks to Jacqui Shine for the walk down memory lane yesterday, when she included The Great Grunge Hoax of 1992 in her comprehensive history and analysis of the New York Times Styles section for The Awl. Shine says she’s been working on this piece and studying this most odious section of the newspaper of record since March; our sympathies go out to her.

• Headline of the Day, courtesy of a Brokelyn piece about Imani Henry, a community activist fighting against gentrification and police brutality: “There’s nothing hip or cool happening in Brooklyn. It’s a war.”

• Here’s Baffler blogger Scott Beauchamp writing in Pacific Standard about how worker cooperatives may be the future of small businesses, and how to build one.

• Dan Froomkin points out that the Washington Post really buried the lede in this article about a sexting case in Virginia and some “special software” that is being used to resolve it: “Evidently, Homeland Security has an extensive penis-comparison process? #yourtaxdollarsatwork.” Happy Friday!

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