Wonder what the food's like.... / Photo by lwao.
The Baffler,  November 11, 2014

Daily Bafflements

Wonder what the food's like.... / Photo by lwao.


• The luxurious Survival Condo, built in a former missile silo, is selling units for $3 million each, reports the Wall Street Journal. Amenities include round-the-clock armed guards, a movie theater and indoor swimming pool, and the feeling of security you get when you know that you’ll be sipping bellinis underground when the world ends.

• Out of the twenty-one states in which marijuana is legal, only two currently have laws protecting workers from being fired by their employers for smoking on their own time, reports CNN Money. (Via Ned Resnikoff.)

• The legal acrobatics surrounding one of the largest divorce settlements in history led Harold Hamm’s attorneys to get existential with regard to the nature of meritocracy. Under Oklahoma law, the money that a spouse earns during a marriage through skill is put in a different category from the money which he or she receives through luck. “The law put Mr. Hamm and his lawyers in an odd spot,” as the New York Times explained. “They had to argue that one of the country’s singular entrepreneurs, an up-from-nothing wildcatter, had essentially stumbled into his billions.”

• Go home Google, you’re drunk.

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