Let's get outta here, eh? / Canadian Government Travel Bureau poster courtesy of the Library and Archives Canada.
The Baffler,  October 6, 2014

Daily Bafflements

Let's get outta here, eh? / Canadian Government Travel Bureau poster courtesy of the Library and Archives Canada.


• For all the attention Virgin and Netflix have received recently for their “unlimited vacation” policies for employees, that’s certainly not a reality for most of the country’s workers. In fact, half of America hasn’t taken a single vacation day yet in 2014, according to Rafat Ali in Swift. A Google Consumer Survey of over a thousand Americans found that 51 percent of all Americans had not yet taken a day off this year, and that “Women, young, old, and the lower-income Americans are the ones taking the least amount of vacations.” And when you consider that the results are likely skewed to favor the types of people who would receive and answer a Google survey in the first place, that percentage is likely much, much larger.

• The Columbia Journalism Review has some more of the back-story behind PBS’s pulling their ads from Harper’s after Eugenia Williamson’s critical piece in the October issue. (Still “no comment” from PBS, though.)

• Today in Billionaires: Evan Osnos writes about some, well, unconventional campaign finance reform ideas in The New Yorker this week. “Lawrence Lessig wants to reform campaign finance. All he needs is fifty billionaires.” Featuring an excellent top-hat and cigar-chomping illustration by Nishant Choksi, too.

• Finally, thanks to reader @tarintowers for alerting us to the fact, on Twitter at least, our moment has arrived.

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