A bag of nuts. / Photo by Iwan Gabovitch
The Baffler,  August 21, 2014

Daily Bafflements

A bag of nuts. / Photo by Iwan Gabovitch


• According to reports of the ongoing trial of Virginia’s ex-governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen, both of whom face charges of public corruption, “The defense painted Ms. McDonnell as a vitamin-obsessed ‘nutbag.'”

• Former Obama operatives and advisers are “cashing in on fighting unions,” as Jacob Fischler and Evan McMorris-Santo write for BuzzFeed. They’re doing it indirectly, of course, but they’re cashing in all the same. David Plouffe just signed on with Uber, and Robert Gibbs and Ben LaBolt are running PR for forces that are fighting teachers’ unions.

• Today in Very Silly Studies: from the University of Liverpool comes news that, “contrary to popular opinion, it can be good to feel bad at work, whilst feeling good in the workplace can also lead to negative outcomes.” Cool, thanks.

• Recommended: “A Few Words from Roscoe’s Italian Eatery and Café’s Human Billboard and Doomsayer” by Peter Harmelin in McSweeneys.

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