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Daily Bafflements

• This is what a bunch of tech hype looks like, all graphed up by Gartner. Entrepreneurs, if you seek to reach the “post-nexus stage” with your digital business, go hard on these technologies: “Smart Workspace; Connected Home; 3D Bioprinting Systems; Affective Computing; Speech-to-Speech Translation; Internet of Things; Cryptocurrencies” (and more). Everyone else, marvel at the x-axis: the “innovation trigger,” the “peak of inflated expectations,” the “slope of enlightenment.” (via The Verge)

• States with stand-your-ground laws have seen a rise in homicides, says an ABA report.

• For some, racial injustice in the judicial system is a feature, not a bug, this study found. (via Vox)

• Here’s what Anne Elizabeth Moore had to say about the Vice media empire back in Baffler 24. (In honor of Gavin McInnes’s same old tricks.)