This car is more fun than Hillary. / akahawkeyefan
The Baffler,  December 14, 2015

Daily Bafflements

This car is more fun than Hillary. / akahawkeyefan


• Hillary Clinton has a line about how, if elected, she will be “the youngest woman president” but her appeal is mainly with college-educated boomers: “Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy has not yet sparked among young women the kind of excitement about making history that Mr. Obama generated among black voters in 2008,” writes the New York Times. As Amber A’Lee Frost pointed out on the Baffler blog, despite the “Bernie Bro” narrative pushed by Clinton supporters, it is “age, not gender” that marks “the biggest divide between Bernie’s camp and Hillary’s.”

• With the announcement that she will appear on Broad City, Clinton nicely played into Ben Schwartz’s argument, in Baffler no. 27, that power has coopted the language of comedy: “Presidents don’t fear comedians. They go on these shows to take advantage of their big audiences, and get points in the process for being a good sport.” Ha ha.

• As nuclear sites become National Parks—“celebrations” of historic innovation and community—a new report finds that “at least 33,480 former nuclear workers who received compensation [for being sickened in the construction of America’s nuclear arsenal] are dead.”

• Martin Shkreli’s restless bid to make everything—from Wu-Tang Clan albums to life-saving drugs—as unavailable as possible continues.

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