He'll sound the alarm. / Justin Hoch
The Baffler,  September 22, 2015

Daily Bafflements

He'll sound the alarm. / Justin Hoch


• From Fox News to Breitbart, you’ll be hard pressed to find a conservative outlet without breathless coverage of the “war on cops.” These days, it’s former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Black Lives Matter protesters who are blamed for the alleged uptick in cop killings—even though 2015 has so far proven to be one of the safest years on record for the profession. Reason takes down the long-standing mythology of the tired trope, noting that the “war on cops” is less a description of reality and more of a prefabricated narrative some conservatives look to connect to current events.

• It’s 7:30 p.m., and you’re enjoying dinner with your family after a long day at work. The phone rings, and a recording screams into your ear: “Wake up, Idaho. Europe, America, and all white countries are fast becoming overwhelmingly non-white because you are afraid to take a stand!” That’s right: even white supremacists conduct robocalls now.

• Over at New York Magazine, former xoJane editor Mandy Stadtmiller tells all about telling all, reflecting on her experience running the site’s (in)famous “It Happened to Me” column. Test your first-person clickbait acumen with the “Is This ‘It Happened to Me’ Headline Real or Fake?“ quiz while you’re at it. We hope you score better than we did.

• Oyster—”a Netflix for books”—is dying. Long live Oyster.

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