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Meanwhile, at The White House . . . / Thomas Hawk
The Baffler,  April 20, 2016

Daily Bafflements

Meanwhile, at The White House . . . / Thomas Hawk


• Happy 4/20 everyone! Since Donald Trump just won the New York primary, this might be an opportune moment to go hot box the Trump Tower. To be clear, we’re not endorsing this idea per se, but we would laugh heartily at the videos that came out of it. Just think—you could end up on Fortune’s list of influencers in the marijuana world.

• Legalization and decriminalization of weed has brought along with it a new kind of racial disparity. Black Americans were disproportionately targeted by the “war on drugs”—and now, they’re more likely to be locked out of America’s so-called Green Rush. BuzzFeed reports:

Attempts at giving anyone a leg up in the licensing process to account for past disparities have largely been unsuccessful. In Illinois, where people with drug felonies are not even allowed to be medical marijuana patients, the state gave a tiny boost to the licensing applications of minorities and women. But officials declined to say whether any of the applications that received the boost resulted in a license, as the records are not subject to disclosure laws. The Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland fought for a much more significant boost, but the state attorney general struck it from the law, saying it could be justified only in an existing industry with documented disparities.

If these trends continue, we’re likely to see even more “whitewashing” of weed dealers in popular culture as well—a phenomenon that Niela Orr detailed last year in issue no. 28

• New England’s opiate crisis may create new hurdles for legalization proponents in the region, notes the New York Times. In Vermont, a bill that would create a regulated market in the state has been mostly gutted. Meanwhile, Massachusetts—which is expected to vote on legalization in November—has seen strong opposition to a more liberal drug policy from some of its most powerful politicians, including its governor, Charlie Baker.  

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