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Thursday, June 27, 2024
9:15 p.m.

It’s Not What The World Needs Right Now

Roxy Cinema New York
2 Sixth Avenue, Cellar Level
New York, New York

Triple Canopy and The Baffler are pleased to present a live performance by Andrew Norman Wilson.

In the twenty-tens, Andrew Norman Wilson had seen his art go viral a few times and landed four biennials—the start of a promising career. In “It’s Not What the World Needs Right Now,” his recent essay for issue no. 73 of The Baffler, Wilson asks what precisely that looks like in an industry that pays in clout and almost never in cash.

For one night only, join Wilson for a live performance of “It’s Not What the World Needs Right Now,” featuring new images, videos, and passages that paint a stark portrait—replete with a rib removal and an episode of penguin-induced dissociation—of his departure from a contemporary art world whose works serve no one but yacht owners and curatorial bureaucrats with terminal degrees.

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