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Donate to The Baffler

As you plan out your end-of-year giving, consider throwing a couple of bucks to support nonprofit journalism, scintillating salvos, and the kind of cultural criticism you can’t read anywhere else. The Baffler is a 501(c)(3) organization, meaning we’re as charitable as a church, and certainly more fun.

When you donate to The Baffler, you aren’t just helping us print six ink-and-paper issues of our magazine (though of course you’re doing that). You’re fostering culture in a literacy-starved, screen-addled world. In an ecosystem where left-wing magazines shutter without warning, where book reviews serve as publicity for Big-Five publishing, where a handful of idiots steer all discourse, independent media is more important than ever.

So as you contemplate charitable donations this year, keep The Baffler in mind.