Daily Bafflements

Nerds at the Fair, Renaming Rikers

The BafflerMay 20, 2016
A rose by any other name? / satanslaundromat

A rose by any other name? / satanslaundromat

• Google’s annual I/O conference is “making nerds go outside” this year, its new, open-air venue prompting comparisons to Coachella.

• Healthcare for all? A recent study found that HIV-positive cancer patients are less likely to receive diagnosis and treatment for cancer than their HIV-negative counterparts.

• Our friends over at Pacific Standard report on the petition to rename Rikers Island, one of the nation’s most famous prisons. The institution is back in the spotlight after recent prisoner abuse scandals, and, according to historians, “the Riker name [has come] to represent both a contemporary crisis and a series of long-forgotten historical crimes.”